Church School

Sundays Starting at 9:30 am

Church (Sunday) School aims to help people of all walks of life to study and adopt the principles of God and to bring about spiritual growth and development in their individual lives.

Church school teaches individuals about the different ways to adhere to the ideals of life. At times, this involves the learning of scriptures from the Bible, while other times, involve more in-depth discussion on applying the word to everyday life. Learning what the Bible has to say regarding certain topics helps the people better communicate with God throughout their walk. Enabling the communication of people with God is an important goal of Church school.

We offer online classes every Sunday morning at 9:30 am.


May 24, 2020 - Repent of Injustice

Lesson Scripture: Jeremiah 22
Focus Scripture: Jeremiah 22:1-10

Key Verse: Act with justice and righteousness.
Jeremiah 22:3b (NRSV)

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