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We are here.

As a family of Christ believers, we understand that we are in troubling times. Whether in need of a prayer, spiritual counsel, or worship,  join us.


We are AME.

We invite you to worship with us throughout the week to be closer to a family of prayer warriors; bible-based believers.


We are family.

Located in the Weequahic neighborhood of the South district, since 1969,  in the great city of Newark, New Jersey.

Read more our rich history below.


Union Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in 1917 by a group of faithful men and women, many whom were from Blakely, Georgia who had migrated to Newark, NJ; in order to take advantage of greater socio-economic opportunities. The congregation began as a Sunday School which met in the home of Mary B. Austin on Livingston Street in Newark. The Sunday School was led by Sisters Mary Anderson, Mary B. Austin, Laura Marshall, Gertrude G. Terry, Annie Paige, Mollie Harris, Ida Singleton and Brother Moses Anderson. The class, which met for study and prayer, soon outgrew the home of Mrs. Austin, and and the spiritual needs of the believers necessitated pastoral leadership. Reverend Walter S. Slade Sr. became the church's first pastor. It was during the administration of Rev. Slade that Union Chapel experienced steady growth and purchased its first worship edifice at 80 Sussex Avenue in December of 1919.

In 1923, Rev. Slade was succeeded by Rev. J. Hartley who served for three years. In 1926, Rev. Hartley was succeeded was Rev. S.B. Nelson. Throughout the next two decades, Union Chapel was pastored by, Rev. D. Christie, Rev. C.W. Walker, Rev. W.J. Fleming, Rev. E.N. Martin, Rev. C.B. Barrow and Rev. J.H. Wilson. In 1942, Rev. Slade, the church's founding pastor, returned to Union Chapel and on April 11, 1943, the mortgage was burned. In August of 1947, Rev. Slade was called from labor to reward. Rev. M.L. Oliver was assigned to carry the church and led the congregation from 1947-1949; after which Rev. L.M. Midgette became pastor. During the 1950's, Union Chapel was pastored by Rev. Booker T. Cartwright, Rev. Mitchell, Rev. Alexina Brown, Rev. R.T. O'Neal and Rev. M. Ward. In 1960, Rev. Rudolph Coleman was assigned to Union Chapel and served for six years. He was followed by Rev. Samuel Singleton.

In 1967, during the First Episcopal District Planning Session in Philadelphia, PA, Bishop John Bright assigned the Reverend Richard Franklin Norris as Union Chapel's twenty-second pastor. Under the pastoral leadership of Reverend Norris, a totally new organizational structure was established and long overdue repairs were completed. The church's debts were liquidated within a year and in July of 1969, the church was moved from its location at 80 Sussex Avenue to its present location at 209 Wainwright Street.

A new Allen Organ was purchased under Reverend Norris and the Richard Franklin Norris Inspirational Choir was founded. Additionally, the parking lot adjacent to the church property was also secured. In 1978, Reverend Norris was appointed to Macedonia AME Church in Flushing, Queens, New York. He was succeeded by Rev. Melvin Campbell, under whose administration a new parsonage was purchased at 725 South Center Street, Orange, New Jersey.

Rev. Albert Tyson was assigned as the pastor of Union Chapel in 1983. During his administration, 8:00am worship service was implemented and a Public Address System was installed. Rev. Albert Tyson Sr. also organized the Union Day Nursery and the Union Chapel Investment Fund. In 1989, Rev. Dr. Fred D. Tennie was assigned to Union Chapel and served as the church's longest tenured pastor. Rev. Tennie retired in March of 2002. As pastor, Rev. Tennie oversaw the Capital Improvement Fund and the Van Ministry. Moreover, during his administration, the Union Chapel Community Development Corporation was established under the leadership of Sister Ruby W. Baskerville.

Rev. Marlowe V.N. Washington became pastor in 2002 and led Union Chapel to an unprecedented level of community involvement and civic engagement. During his administration the parsonage was renovated and the Soul Salvation Choir was also established during his tenure.

On January 3, 2005, Bishop Richard Franklin Norris appointed Reverend Mashod A Evans Senior to his first pastoral assignment as Union Chapel's twenty-second pastor. During Reverend Evans tenure, Union Chapel has continued to grow to the glory of God. The Holy Ground Capital Campaign has enabled the church to complete needed renovations which include the church parking lot and the installation of a chair lift. The roof has been repaired as well as the church's sound system being upgraded. The Appointed Generation Youth Choir and the Sisters of Grace Ministry has been established and the 8:00am worship service has been reinstated.

Rev. Anthony Mitchell Sr. was appointed during the Fall Convocation of 2008 and was ordained an Itinerant Elder at the 2009 New Jersey Annual Conference by Bishop R. F. Norris. The purchasing of new signage for the church and the formulation of the Jubilee choir are just some of the endeavors Rev. Mitchell has under taken since his arrival. Feeling a need for community prayer especially during natural disasters, Rev. Mitchell implemented a Weekday Morning Prayer Line as well as join the Board of Stewards on Monday evenings. In response to COVID-19, The John & Wimphrey Jenkins Media Center was created to give parishioners a place to worship. Utilizing Zoom and other means, the church has been able to adapt to the growing needs of the congregation and community.

In June of 2024, Rev. Dr. Larry D. Jennings, Sr. was appointed to Union Chapel​ we praise and thank God for the 107 years of worship, witness and work that we have been blessed with.


We as a community of faith know indeed that THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

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